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comfortable plate mesh packs

comfortable plate mesh packs

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comfortable plate mesh packs comfortable plate mesh packs

Estazolam plate net is a kind of new building wall material, it can replace the brick wall for various walls, non bearing walls and floor, balcony etc.. The utility model has the advantages of expanded building use area (10%-15%), heat insulation, sound insulation, shock proof, waterproof, construction is simple, light weight and so on, and the engineering cost is greatly reduced.
Technical performance: Shule wire grid plate covered on both sides with cement mortar, plate forming a good integration, can withstand the pressure of cement mortar, steel wire mesh tension, cable wire under oblique wires under transverse shear, the middle of the polystyrene foam plastic can reduce weight and improve heat preservation effect. Therefore, the composite plate can effectively utilize the characteristics of each layer, and has good comprehensive performance.
Control system: cement wall technology is suitable for non Shule excellent performance, bearing inner wall, retaining wall frame. External thermal insulation composite temperature composite external wall thermal insulation layer.
This product adopts cold drawn low carbon steel wire welded, has the characteristics of strong joints, reasonable structure, uniform mesh, is a kind of special mesh used in the construction of floor heating. Low temperature hot water floor radiant heating, as a new heating method is widely used in many parts of the country.

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