Key words:  3d panel mesh  |  sandwich slad  |  metal structured wall  |  steel truss frame

Punching net

  • Galvanized steel 16-11-11

    Galvanized steel

    Galvanized steel, steel, iron, aluminum, copper, stainless steel plate and other metal plates and non - metal plate: stamping and forming, flat surface, smooth, beautiful, durable. Following the general arrangement of hole mesh: 1, 60 degre
  • Stainless steel punching net 16-11-11

    Stainless steel punching net

    Stainless steel punching net is a kind of metal plate net, which is punched by a steel plate according to a certain pass and die. Stainless steel punching net, also known as round hole net, is a kind of punching net, material is stainless s
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