Key words:  3d panel mesh  |  sandwich slad  |  metal structured wall  |  steel truss frame

Welded wire mesh

  • Galvanized welded wire mesh 16-11-11

    Galvanized welded wire mesh

    The use of low carbon steel wire galvanized welded wire mesh quality, through the machinery automation exact spot welding process after forming, the surface treatment of zinc dipping process, the conventional British standard production, th
  • PVC welded wire mesh 16-11-11

    PVC welded wire mesh

    PVC welded wire mesh using the first electroplating and hot wire welding, and then PVC, PE, PP powder by high temperature, automatic production line dip coating. Weaving and characteristics: After welding wire coated with anti-corrosion, an
  • Wall network 16-11-11

    Wall network

    In the wall exterior insulation of high-rise tile system adopts hot galvanized steel wire net four angle net laying on the mortar, the exterior insulation brick crack protective layer is effectively enhanced, and then through the anchor wil
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