Key words:  3d panel mesh  |  sandwich slad  |  metal structured wall  |  steel truss frame

Stone cage net

  • Stone cage net 16-11-11

    Stone cage net

    Low carbon steel wire gabion consists of high resistance to corrosion, high strength, ductility or PVC coated wire using the above machine woven, box type structure using the net is made of stone cage cage. According to ASTM and EN standard
  • Hexagonal wire mesh 16-11-11

    Hexagonal wire mesh

    The six corner net is a wire mesh made of metal wire mesh, which is based on the size of hexagonal wire. If the metal wire hexagonal metal wire, the use of wire diameter of 0.3mm to 2.0mm metal wire, if it is PVC coated metal wire woven six
  • Anti falling net 16-11-11

    Anti falling net

    Rockfall protecting net woven double twisted angle heavy six mesh, a roll, the width up to 4.3m, each long curly 25m-50m. Coil diameter according to the diameter, length and PVC coating and so on. Rockfall protection net is a kind of flexib
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