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Steel net

  • Anti corrosion steel mesh 17-04-25

    Anti corrosion steel mesh

    Steel net is a variety of metal mesh industry. Also known as metal plate mesh, diamond mesh, iron net, expanded metal net, heavy steel plate net, pedal net, punching plate aluminum, stainless steel net, net, filter net, granary antenna netw
  • Galvanized steel mesh 16-11-11

    Galvanized steel mesh

    Low carbon steel net Raw material: low carbon steel plate. Production process: sheet metal stamping and drawing. Pass: diamond, triangle type, pore scale etc.. Low carbon steel mesh use: ordinary steel net is mainly used for building, build
  • Stainless steel mesh 16-11-11

    Stainless steel mesh

    purpose Used for filter element, medicine, paper making, filtering, breeding, battery net, packaging net, machinery and equipment protection, arts and crafts production, high-grade speaker net cover, decoration, childrens chair, basket, bas
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