Key words:  3d panel mesh  |  sandwich slad  |  metal structured wall  |  steel truss frame

Fencing wire mesh

  • Highway fence 16-11-11

    Highway fence

    Highway fence is the most important transportation infrastructure, the highway is developed from 80s, it plays an important role in the development of national economy and society. Is an important highway maintenance and security facilities
  • Stadium isolation network 16-11-11

    Stadium isolation network

    A stadium fence fence belongs to the site, it is also known as the sports fence, can be installed around the column at the construction site, the largest stadium fence. Stadium fence is characterized by strong flexibility, can be adjusted a
  • Shop isolation network 16-11-11

    Shop isolation network

    Good protection performance, small occupation area, increase the effective space, light transmission and strong demand for auxiliary lighting facilities. 1 the structure is novel, the style is generous. 2 the overall stability is very promi
  • temporary fence 16-11-11

    temporary fence

    Temporary barrier, also known as the mobile fence, temporary isolation fence, mobile security fence. Temporary fence is suitable for temporary isolation, temporary partition, temporary lap, is a highly flexible product. Temporary fence from
  • Rail fence 16-11-11

    Rail fence

    Rail fence is an important transportation infrastructure, security and practicality in the requirements of more stringent. Railway barrier material: high quality low carbon steel wire, aluminum magnesium alloy wire. Weaving: made up of weld
  • Residential enclosure 16-11-11

    Residential enclosure

    Refers to a cell specific cell fence fence, protective net assembly for standard parts, the size ratio of the main steel wire mesh, column, connecting parts are standardized production, products are suitable for the height of 3 meters, the
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